invisi dir.

“invisi-dir.” is the way or path that the music creative team, invisible designs lab., believes the creative direction should take.
Under the theme of sharing new merits with others, we are planning to proffer new values on music as “invisible designs lab. selection” by producing and
making selections.


invisible designs lab.

Important things are not visible.
These invisible things have great value–ideas, imagination, and inspiration.
As invisible designs lab., we take these factors and create them into the form of music with new thoughts and expressions.

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– profile –

Instead of relying on music-related theories or reasons, KAMRA creates his very own world based on his sensations and intuition.
His sense of melody was nourished by growing up during the gaming systems craze, and his rhythm was greatly influenced by electronica music. These two factors form the base of KAMRA’s music.
In 2001, KAMRA was asked to be a part of a music creation team called “invisible designs lab.” He has since taken part in the creation of music and countless melodies for commercials, games and company sound logos.
Through all these experiences, KAMRA continues to gain new sensations and information also incorporates these into his music.

– New Album –

Artificial Emotions

1.Deja vu
3.Floating Flecks
5.Deeper and Deeper
6.To the Light
7.Adverse Reaction
8.Feeling Alive
9.Metronome Heart

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 ⇒Deja vu – See Yourself Distant in Time


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